Saturday, 26 August 2017

Placing Ralf's plaque at Hydro Hill

On Monday August 14th Megan and I went to Hydro Hill with my brother, Warren, to place Ralf's plaque on the ghost bike. To our surprise the ghost bike had been removed. 
In lieu of placing the plaque on the bike, we mounted it on the tree that the ghost bike was chained to. The plaque is very secure on the tree- you'd have to cut the tree down to get it off... thank you Warren and Uncle Bob!

When we returned home from Vancouver Island my sister-in-law asked me if it was difficult to return to the accident site. I reflected on her question and texted her this response:

"The accident site will always be where Ralf left this world to return 'home'. I get teary eyed thinking about that. But to know Ralf left this world in a place that was so beautiful and not on some busy highway brings me a peace. The plaque placed there will be a subtle reminder to people who read it, and whom it was in memory of.
Flying over the Rockies and driving on the island to Hydro Hill will always be a reminder about the challenges Ralf faced and persevered to get there. He was a 'one of a kind' man and I was so blessed to be married to my best friend for 35 years.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Ralf and wish he were here but I have to keep moving forward. As difficult as that is sometimes, I know God is with me always and that gives me comfort and hope for a life without Ralf."

"See you in 10" ♡

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