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Day 10, Wednesday September 23

Day 10, Wednesday September 23,
Did not post a blog for day 9 as spent the day/ night at my brother's (Warren) place in Courtenay B.C.
Had enjoyable day hanging out with Warren, sister-in-law Sarah and nephew Scotty. Ralf was able to get bike tuned up at the Mountain City Cycle. They specialize in Giant Bikes so Ralf's Giant was n competent hands.
Ralf had light breakfast of peanut butter and toast,banana. Started off for Port Alberni at 7:15. Temp 4C, head winds, raining... but no snow.Apparently Courntenay doesn't get snow except last year they got 4 cm of it and had to call a snow day as no machines to clear roads.Wouldn't our kids have loved it out here back in the days.
Warren travelling with me in support vehicle. We will be staying at his cabin tonite on Sprout Lake which is halfway to Tofino. Tofino ... Ralf can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!
Met Ralf every 20k.Stopped in Coombs at the Goats on the Roof Restaurant and General Store. Got some pics of the goats on the roof.Lunch was exceptional.
Back in the pouring rain. I stopped at Cathedral Grove to take pics. Some older women there taking pics. One woman shooting with Cannon camera. She came up to me and commented that I looked like I knew what I was doing with a camera and could I help her to get the flash working on her camera. I tried but unable to do. I'm sure it's an easy fix but nothing worked...I sure could have used Gail's epertise. Next time I'm in Henrys I'm going to ask them how to put flash on in case this happens again.
Warren has WiFi at cabin I will try and post some pics
The trek from Coombs is hard. In 5k Ralf will have to climb Mt. Arrowsmith a 411 ft climb ,4 km climb.Then it's 10k downhill.Fortunately Ralf goes the other direction tomorrow to Tofino.Very steep-every truck is pulling over to check their brakes before heading down on either side.
The road to Tofino is 99k; windy and narrow.
At cabin now.Wood burning fireplace going to full blast, enjoying a glass of wine,well maybe 2. Going to Drinkwaters for dinner and maybe catch Blue Jay game. It has been great getting together with Warren and his family.Sarah driving up to cabin to pick Warren up tomorrow. We will be on the road to Tofino.
Now that we are in the cabin the pouring rain has stopped, go figure. Murphy's Law is alive and well!
                                                    in Coombs at Goats on the Roof
                                         Ralf and Warren having lunch at Goats on the Roof
                                                            Cathedral Grove
                                                             Cathedral Grove
                                                               Cathedral Grove
                                                    Cedar and fir logging at Sprout Lake
                                      Empty beer cans at the cabin ... it was a good summer!
My retired brother

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