Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Day 3, Wednesday September 16

“You're off to great places.
Today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting,
So get on your way.”

Well today is the day Ralf has been dreading!He's traversing the Rogers Pass. It's an elevation of 4360 feet. I stopped for a (L) coffee at McDonalds before I took off and the attendant said there's snow in the pass.Like anything will surprise us at this point. Had a rough start to this morning. Ralf had his first flat but fortunately it was discovered in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn. So I thought I would take a pic of Ralf changing tire. Technical difficulties with my Nikon. It wouldn't take a picture. Said no memory card in camera. Panic set in... THIT!!!!! Did I forget it in Hotel? Ran back to lobby with my camera and imac in tow. Asked the conceige at counter if he could help me remove my memory card from computer.He wasn't familiar with the apple computer so had to go online with his computer to get instructions on how to remove. He was having problems too but it didn't make me feel better. Called Megan for answer...called answer...called Christian ...thank goodness he answered. Explained problem to him and he said memory card always sticks out of computer. Forgot about that in my state of mind ( or lack of mind).Got the room key swiped again so I could go back and check room for memory card. Searched room where I was working and no memory card. Checked camera again to see where memory card should be and THERE IT IS!!!!!!!! Guess it wasn't pushed in all the way...whatever ;(
Returned room key and outside to join Ralf as he was preparing to leave. Off to Rogers Pass. I don't know why I am so nervous about this section but I am. Guess I'm feeling the dreaded anticipation. Have been meeting Ralf at 10K intervals-thought he was doing great and Ralf said that the stretch we did was just a teaser for the Rogers Pass - yet to come. So at our last meeting place I said a prayer for Ralf for his safety,determination, willpower and that God would have His angels on active duty protecting Ralf.Unfortunately I interjected Christian's name for Ralf's. Ralf caught the mistake and had a good laugh over it. A few times I've stopped to wait for Ralf as there is no cell reception in here so now I have to watch the time to make sure Ralf is not in trouble (flat tire).Thought we were in the Rogers Pass and still not. Just saw the sign for Rogers Pass... now we're in it. It's a steady uphill climb ( 13k ).Oh now its pouring rain outside...Ralf is going to be sooo wet.
“ I does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”
Okay now rain has stopped.It was probably long enough to get Ralf soaked. Mother Nature has some sick jokes.
When Ralf showed up I told him I have to pee in the worst way. So I opened side doors as so many cars going up and down the pass.Then as I was getting ready a car pulls up in same area .....ugh. Car of women with same idea. I am a private person. Covered the open door windows with 2 blankets I had.One was actually my yoga microfibre blanket to put on seat to absorb Ralf's sweat.Haven't had to use it. The other one is a warm blanket I usually keep in car.Ralf has used that one to get warm. How different things are now. An added tip for women who need to relieve themselves at side of road. Use the ledge of the car ( door open) to rest against as it is like squatting on a toilet seat. Worked great,no spillage onto clothes. Also keep extra napkins that you get at Tim Hortons or MacDonalds for tp.
Ralf decided to walk the next 2k as it's a bugger quote Ralf it's a “nutbuster.
Clocks turned back one hour;10C.
Ralf said cycling from the hotel to Rogers Pass was more challenging then the summit.It was 13k uphill and then another 11 unrelenting kilometres but he finally made it to the summit.Whoa.Way to go Ralf! Now it's downhill. On to Revelstoke. Ralf called with my brother Warren who told him it's 10k uphill before Revelstoke and then it's downhill ( in the pouring rain).

“When you are going through hell,keep on going. Never,never,never give up.”
-Winston Churchill
50 more k Ralf and we will call it a day.
We/ Ralf made it to Revelstoke.Went in to the Steak House Hotel-renovated Regent Hotel.Ralf thought that would be a great place to stay as he really wants a steak for dinner.When we were checking in there was a notice on the counter about the infestation of Western Conifer Seed Bugs (also known as stink bugs). NO friggin way am I staying here.Ralf thought it would be okay- I'd rather sleep in my home away from home-car! We had conceirge check out other hotels.She said anything downtown will have same problem. Get back on your bike Ralf as I'm not sharing my bed with a stinking stink bug. Their sister hotel is the Best Western-more expensive but I'm not staying with the stink bugs thank you. Apparently you shouldn't kill bugs as they omit an odour- hence the name stink bug.So we checked in to the Best Western- great hotel -very new and no stink bugs. They have a shuttle service back to steak house and 10% off.
Very full day which I didn't elaborate on everything... tying up traffic with the big transport trucks because someone was sitting in a construction area waiting for a cyclist and then they couldn't give the go ahead til cyclist cleared the tunnels ( all 3 of them).
Off to Salmon Arm tomorrow and we'll see what that day brings. Everyone should be so proud of what Ralf is accomplishing. What a guy and I'm married to him. Robyn thinks I should massage his wasted thighs...not shoulders are so sore from sitting in a car all day and blogging.
Talk to you tomorrow :-)

xx V&R

made it to the summit of the Rogers Pass!


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