Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day 7,Sunday September 20
This is my second attempt at writing on desktop for day 7. I should have listened to Christian as he is always telling me to 'save' whatever I do.
Didn't have to sleep with one eye closed in the Baits Motel as I was basically awake all nite. Between the shag carpet carpet cleaner smell, the trains passing through every hour and Ralf 's snoring that kept me alert all night. Was happy Ralf wanted to get up at 5 and start our day. Out the door bright and early ... more like dark and not early enough. Because it was so dark out I decided to drive behind Ralf with my emergency flashers on til there was day light and he would be visible by cars. We had just left Baits Motel and on the highway 2 deer jumped in front of Ralf. One crashed into the mesh fence to the left of Ralf.Excitement at 6:30 in the morning -gets your heart racing...who needs coffee to wake up?
It has been pouring rain all day with a mix of sleet. Ralf said his legs are toast...speaking of toast we haven't been able to find anyplace open for a coffee and breakfast. I had some old cold coffee in my thermos from yesterday which I've been sipping away at.
Tried posting pictures last nite on blog but for whatever reason couldn't. Will try again when we reach Hope tonite. Hope we reach Hope ... couldn't resist writing that.
I don't know what is worse -the downpour or the Westerlies.Regardless it is not pleasant.I'm sure Ralf is glad this is his last cycle trek.
Ralf has been cycling 6 hours non stop. Found a restaurant open in Boston Bar, not to be confused with Bar Harbor. It was noon so Ralf had lunch break- hot bowl of chicken noodle soup, 3 strips of bacon, French toast. Waitress brought soup out first followed by syrup warmed up, later 3 slices of bacon then the French toast last ????? Ralf inhaled all of it he was so exhausted. Ralf wanted to nap on bench so I kept asking waitress for more coffee. I'll probably still be on a high tonite from all the caffeine I had so Ralf could sleep.
Rain stopped when we were having a break and of course it has returned with a vengeance since we've started out again. Ralf's Blackberry has packed it in ... it's toast too ...We will have to see if they have a Bell in Hope ... (not a Hope in Hell) phone for Ralf to buy. Just love that word!
We are now doing 5k breaks-and watching the time to see if Ralf is longer than 30 min. If he is longer than 30 min I will have to back track and find him.He was due for a new phone last winter but he's squeezing all the life out of the phone that he can.
Thank goodness Ralf had a 30 min nap. God's angels are at work protecting Ralf from catastrophic situations. Passed an ambulance putting a neck brace on a young man.His car was in the bike lane (that Ralf would have been cycling in) upside down. The weather is so bad and dangerous to be driving in it let alone cycling.
Wind gusts reached 80-81 k/hr.Ralf had to walk bike down last mountain as he feared being blown into path of transport trucks.Ralf is never scared but today he was.The winds were unrelenting; tree branches were strewn across the highway. Ralf decided to pack it in due to safety issues and will make up the 30k on the island. Ralf cycled 10 excruciating hours today with one break for lunch.
Ralf has a new exfoliating method which is 60k downhill into a 30k driving rain -like taking a power washer to your face.
We are now in Hope, staying at the Heritage Inn formerly the Best Western.Watching the Emmys and then we will go across street to Italian restaurant.Hope y'all having a relaxing evening.Ralf going to check his laundry as I blog this.
We are more than halfway there but have already have reached our goal.Please feel free to continue to donate. Every dollar given will be matched. Remember this is for a great new medical facility. Let's make Brampton a world class health centre!

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