Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day 6, Saturday September 19

Day 6, Saturday September 19

“Whether you think you can or can't - you're right.”
                                                   - Henry Ford

Woke up at 6:30; thought ,great Ralf still sleeping, I will quietly go to the washroom.Back to bed, heard housekeeping opening our door. Turns out it was Ralf with coffee. Okay up and at 'em. Was a little tired as Ralf up at 1230 and watching television ... pillows over my head.
Cloudy,rainy and 10C. Rain in the forecast next 2 days. Meeting Ralf every 20K. Ralf wants to get an early start on the day before Westerlies kick in.Terrain very brown. Large homes and dilapidated homes on the hillside.Not sure what people actually do here.
Hills challenging (3+k long) but Ralf not taking breaks (in the warmth of my mobile home,aka car). Again trying to get in as many miles as he can before he has to deal with the wWesterly winds.So far no winds ... thank you Jesus! See you in another 20K.
Came to rest stop for more pics off highway. Saw some washrooms (?) and thought may as well take advantage of a toilet. Oh my ... Sandy if you are reading this blog I'm reminded of a time 46 years ago when we were at mom's house trailer in Buckhorn.It was late at nite and you had to use the outhouse. I went with you being the good cousin that I am. The outhouse was the deluxe model but you didn't see that because it was pitch black outside. You put your purse down beside the hole you were perched on and when you were done your purse was nowhere to be found. This was a two seater outhouse-why anyone would have one is beyond me. When I heard (literally ) what transpired I ran back at lightening speed ( sounds so much better to describe it like that ) to trailer to get broom or rake to retrieve your purse. All I'm going to say is that I managed to get the purse up from that black hole...that's what cousins are for.
Sitting on the reststop stainless steel toilet over an abyss, that was all I could think of. I made sure my iphone wasn't in my back pocket (despite having a bag of rice in the car); placed my keys carefully on cement floor. Wasn't going to have Murphy's Law happening here.
Good news ... rain has stopped at least where I am parked and temp is 13C. Still cloudy, so for you camera buffs I've set my ISO @1600; S @ 1/400-1/600, F stop @ 5.6 or F11-18. So there you go you computer tech people- take that (hahahahahahaha).
Waiting for Ralf at the top of a tall hill.Wanted to get a pic of him coming up this very tall hill and of course I missed it. He was pulling up to my window ...DARN... He relieved himself and I thought I'd do the same. No cars at this look out point for the whole time I've been here but of course as soon as I'm seated on my make shift toilet seat on the edge of the door a camper trailer pulls up. Well enjoy the show folks ;)
Meeting Ralf in Cache Creek-35k away. Sun peeking out from behind the clouds,temp 16C. Called back as Ralf has flat. Second flat in about 670 k. A lot of cars on Trans Canada for a Saturday morning. No one else is cycling. Did I mention Ralf took my car through a car wash in Kamloops yesterday.What a guy. His bike could use a wash .It is covered in a blanket of dirt and grime.Oh tire fixed so back on the road again...
Okay we are having lunch in Cache Creek and it's worth blogging about. Met Ralf at entrance to CC.Decided after fill up ($13.00) to have lunch at Manie's Pizza Bar and Grill. Empty inside.Couple of people sitting outside having schmoke. Think it was Manny and wife. Okay next door is the Wander-Inn and Restaurant.Pulled in there and it's closed. Ralf walking his bike to the Sandman Inn beside Wander-Inn. Heartland Family restaurant open so here we be. Asked the waitress with the pink stud in middle of her tongue what happened to the Wander-Inn.She said it was bought to be made into a hotel but became a grow -op.They got busted; got government card/approval for a grow -op and back in business.Remember when I asked earlier about what people do here ? ... now I know.They smoke (up) and drink.There is a library across the street ???? why. Ralf said it is for the 2 people who don't smoke (up). Or the library may have books on How to Start a Grow-Op volume I and 2 ; Brew Your Own. There doesn't seem to be a dentist in town from the teeth I've seen. Ralf said he probably left due to lack of business (busine$$ opportunity Joe...this town needs a dentist).
The food at the Heartlland Family Restaurant has been exceptional. We had the clam chowder soup but it tasted more like a great minestrone soup. Ralf had the homemade hummus and it was loaded with garlic so a big thumbs up to the (female) chef. Going to use a real toilet while here and then ready to go. Heard tourists talking at the table beside us and they said there is a heavy downpour ahead for them. They came with bikes on the bike rack. So what are they worried about...tourists...
Sitting at 21k mark.Clouds to the west looking ominous.20C
Following the Fraser River down to Vancouver now.The drive is breathtaking. Hwy winding with subtle elevation changes.The hardest part of today for Ralf has been between Cache Creek and Spences Bridge because of the winds.Normally he would glide down the hills but has had to cycle downhill.
Stopped in a town called Spences Bridge.Population is 130. Went to the (only) pub in Spences Bridge- Log Cabin Pub.It was once the largest log cabin structure in B.C.Very quaint,rustic .The owners also own the only motel -Baits Motel (not to be confused with Bates Motel).Looks like we are staying here tonite. The bar maid , Shaelynn, assured me there is nothing to worry about ... may not shower tonite just to play it safe. If there is no blog tomorrow, please notify the authorities!!!!!
Tonight we are going for dinner at the Packing House – beside the motel.Reservations are recommended because they have 'Saturday nite supper specials”. Ralf suggested we walk to the Packing House instead of the 50 ft drive.

Seems like we are the only people staying here. Shaelynn switched our room from #10 to #9 because it has a coffee machine in it-fully loaded room. Decor-a retro room; I did a bed bug check. I'm definitely sleeping with one eye open tonite.

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