Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Welcome to the Baits Motel

                                                      the Log Pub in Spences Bridges
                                                      stuffed cougar in the Log Pub
                                         Jerry, one of the 130 residents of Spences Bridges
                                                      the infamous Baits Motel
                                               staying in one of the luxury rooms
                                   upgraded from #10 to #9 to have room with coffee maker
                   dinner at the Packing House; reservations recommended for the Saturday night special
                                         decided not to drive but to walk the 50 feet to diner
                                          Bones the resident cat of the Packing House diner
live entertainment by owner's sister til 7 pm
                                 Leaving Packing House,view of packed parking lot at 7:30 pm

                                Ralf deciding which bed to take...he chose the one on the left.
                                beer bottle opener conveniently nailed to bathroom door frame
                                                           House and Garden 1940
Plastic cacti adorning telephone booth
                                     coffee machine in corner ... the deluxe room at same rate
                                            0540 Sunday morning; leaving the Baits Motel
panoramic view of Baits Motel in picturesque Spences Bridges

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  1. hi, my name is Dani and I knew Ralph through family court. actually he represented my x who sadly and suddenly lost his life months prior to Ralph. it has seemed odd to me that a woman in a truck was the one who had hit Ralph as we too had a women with a truck trespassing on my X's property, i was wondering if I could possibly reach out and talk to you to find out the name of this woman. to see if there is some connection given my X had a huge Estate that Ralph would of known about as both he and my X became good buddies and my X also had ties not only in Ontario but also in BC. I am so so sorry for your loss. not a day goes by we don't think about the sudden death we too had to endure however, the same woman who was found with a truck at my X's house illegally, hid the death from us for over 2 months, she was my x's estranged sister her name Joyce Lum and I had mentioned to after Eds sudden death about contacting Ralph as he would know all about Eds Estate and where there was a Will and the court ordered Life Insurance and then I hear Ralph was suddenly killed by a hit and run driver.. I also believe my daughter and I had our lives in jeopardy being set up in an auto collision, still under investigation. I wanted to ask if the womans name was Allison Boyd, Kathlene Contant or Joyce Lum as Joyce Lum was in BC i believe at the time of Ralphs demise as her daughter Morgan Fay attended school and Ed also had ties with people in BC...i do not wish to stir up sad scars but this is really to coincidental for me to ignore.. warmest regards Dani