Friday, 18 September 2015

Day 5,Friday September 18

Day 5,September 18
Good morning.Up at 5:20.No continental breakfast offered in hotel so went to diner on Trans Canada for the usual-eggs,sausages,toast and coffee.
In the Prestige Pub for dinner last nite. Seems to be the place where the people of Salmon Arms goes on a Thursday nite...and probably the other 6 nites too...a meeting place. Was still trying to work out the picture blog that I spent most of Thursday blogging (and not Ralf's ride :-( ).The waitress heard my story even if she didn't want to (but everyone is so nice so she just listened). She summoned Derrick over who had some computer expertise. Well Derrick managed to put my 14 pics on the 'picture only' blog. He said I could add captions but I didn't want to mess anything up so just pushed Publish button. If you didn't understand the logic behind the pics the title should have read “ Why the West?-wildlife,wilderness and weather....why not?” I showed a picture of a moose statue that was across the street from where we stayed in Moose Jaw. That was the major attraction and you could see it from our hotel room. Not sure if we had to pay extra for that room.In Revelstoke I saw a pair of bears...again a statue in front of a ? gas station. The blue bird was at the summit atop of Rogers Pass (all the wildlife)
Wilderness is the majestic mountains and Ralf. Debated putting him under wildlife or wilderness.Well weather is anything from rain to snow...they are both water and wet.
To Sorento.Onto Chase.Stopped at a wood carver's /sculptor's abode on the highway. Met by a rottweiler and res (reservation) dog and artist. He looked like a thin Grizzly Adams. Large eagle,owls,wolves,bear carvings. Wish I had of brought camera with me. Kept looking for Ralf.When I told Grizzly my husband is coming along on his bike he said that someone with a green jacket went by a while ago. Oh thit... I missed him again. Jumped in car and met up with Ralf in Chase. Chase is the halfway point between Calgary and Tofino.
Originally Ralf was going to do the cycle from Tofino to Calgary so that the Westerly winds would be at his back.Thank goodness we decided to do the opposite. Had we travelled east instead of west it would have been uphill all the way.Today another great day.Temp started off at 10C and now 16C.It's been a roller coaster of hills. At least when you are travelling uphill for a few k you know you'll be coasting downhill. When Ralf was doing 60 k into Chase I honked the horn to let him know I had turned off the highway ... won't do that again. Met Ralf in 20k. Temp rising to 20;Ralf ditched his jacket.Ralf said the winds have been easterly which is unheard of....that's God's favour Ralf .Thank you to everyone for keeping Ralf in their prayers .Ralf asked me if I noticed the Shuswap Golf and Country Club. Like I have other things to watch out for and a golf course isn't at the top of my list. Ralf stopped of course and proceeded to walk into the rough which is beside the hwy. He was 180 yards from the tee where he found 2 golf balls. FYI -”that's the distance Danny Basciano drives a ball” ( quote from Ralf). This just confirms my suspicion that Ralf has an illness ... our garage is full of golf balls. I know what I will do with these balls if Ralf goes before me.I will have everyone throw a handful of golf balls on Ralf's casket when they lower it into the grave.
Made it to Kamloops and just in time... the winds are changing. Ralf finally caught up to me.Said his legs are toast especially (R) knee ; bum is raw. That's not good Ralf -you'll have to put some vitamin E cream ( with Bum Butter) on your toosh.I don't need it anymore as Cindy from Bodyworks brought products over to pub last nite for my face.That's the beauty of a small town-people bend over backwards for you... (not Ralf )...Never mentioned that when we were in Salmon Arms we visited an esthetician in Bodywaves. Someone said I should see Cindy who is the owner of B.W. When we went in store there were 3 women behind counter-one person quite large (not even a pretty face); another woman covered in tattoos; and another pleasant person with fake eyelashes. Asked for Cindy and the fake eyelashes was her. Very nice girl.I was reminded that one should never judge someone by their looks. People probably say the same about me when I'm beside Ralf ... she probably has a great personality. The people of Salmon Arms are the salt of the earth. Nothing negative to say about this place.
We are checked in to the Best Western in Kamloops.Love the Best Western. Kamloops is not what I anticipated.It is not lush at all...very brown - landscape not people.
Going to close this off for now. Going for dinner .
Went in to downtown Kamloops. Declined 4 pan handlers.Shops close at 5 (??? on a Friday).
Went to Earls for dinner and like a Milestones. Dinner was great;watched Blue Jay vs. Boston. Left restaurant when score was 6-1.
Ralf doing hs care- Vitamin E on his butt; Anti – Flamme ung to his knee( herbal relief creme ).
7:40 and I'm ready for bed).

                                          Ralf's find at Shuswap G& CC, B.C.
                                          on the way to Kamloops
Kamloops ...not what I expected

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