Monday, 21 September 2015

Day 8, Monday September 21

Day 8, Monday September 21
What a different day from last Monday ( in Calgary). Ralf will say that the first day was the hardest. He was sooooo cold.He wasn't prepared for the extreme cold weather. To recap yesterday... “ Hell on Wheels” ... 120k into a driving rain; up and down hills with a steady headwind of 20-30k and gusts up to 60k (Ralf keeps asking “why am I doing this ? ”). We're 'living the dream' Ralfie :>}
Today the sun is shining; no torrential rainstorms in the forecast for today; 12C as I look at ext temp on dash; NO winds.
Left Hope, cycling hwy 7 to Vancouver. The highway is flat initially. Going up a mountain after 30k that is steeper than the Rogers Pass - more challenging definitely.
Vegetation lush,lush,plush. The complete opposite of Salmon Arms which is dry,dry desert -like.
Hwy 7 is a picturesque, winding drive. Stopped in Mission for lunch break. Staying with brother and his family in Courtenay ,Vancouver Island tonight. Ralf taking a cycling break Tuesday to spend day with brother- in -law Warren.
Ralf at times is like Mr.Magoo. While at plaza in Mission we stocked up on wine (to have with family); and bought lots of goodies at Cobbs. Was picking up at card at Shoppers Drug Mart to give Scotty (nephew). Ralf to pick me up. Waited for a while and walked to other end of plaza where car parked. Saw car with rear latch door up. Ralf nowhere around but everything in car within an arm's reach- iMac computer,Nikon camera,box with 8 bottles of wine ( 4 white, 4 red), all chargers, 2 suitcases, ss cooler with water and sports drinks, snack pack of 10 timbits ( chocolate glaze and sour cream ),roll of duct tape, plastic shoe box with 2 odour eater balls rarely used, and a bag full of granola bars...just to mention a few items.Ralf was picking up lunch at A&W.Didn't return for awhile. Fortunately everything was accounted for ...oh Ralf ...
Ralf had the Bell Mobility check out his defunct phone.Turns out battery was dead and Ralf thought phone was fully charged. We are so not tech people. Also turns out he is eligible for new phone. He will look into new phone when back home.
Drove 20k, called back as bike has flat. Fixed. Will sit here for 15 min in case another flat.
Shit the RCMP just pulled up...gotta go.
He's just sitting there. Another RCMP just flew by with lights and sirens on.
Meeting Ralf where road divides and highway to Vancouver/heaven.
No safe bike paths so Ralf in car to Vancouver. In Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. Had dinner in Horseshoe Bay.Ralf had the salmon; I had shrimp; we shared edamame and of course wine.
Loading onto the boat to Nanaimo.Looking forward to seeing my baby brother who is a senior citizen according to McDonald's age for a senior coffee.
The next blog will continue on Wednesday after Ralf takes a day of rest.
FYI the wind gusts in Hope were not 50-60k but registered 81k/hr.No wonder Ralf had concerns about safety.
Will post pics later when at brothers place ( WiFi )
Signing off for now!

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